Know your customer in depth

Optimize your marketing and sales strategies.

Dataknow analitica como servicio
Dataknow knowledge
Segmentation as a service

Optimize your marketing and sales tactics

Using data analysis techniques, we generate an accurate visual of who your customers are and how they behave through financial and behavioral segmentation.

This is used as a basis for making informed and accurate decisions that generate greater business value in each of the customer segments.

Segmentation as a service

Have you ever wondered?

Who are my main customers?

Which customers are going to abandon me?

How do I measure the effect of my campaigns?

Campañas efectivas dataknow
Segmentation as a service


The focus of companies today is more on attracting new customers than on taking care of current ones, who are the ones who most easily generate repurchases, adoption of new products and brand evangelists.

New Clients

Times more than loyalty and retention costs.
Probability of selling to a new customer
Current Clients

Current clients spend more than new customers.
Probability of new sale to an existing customer
Forecast Demand Driving Planning dataknow
Segmentation as a service

You have the data, we have the knowledge

If you use an electronic invoicing system, and/or e-commerce platforms.

Dataknow is responsible for:

  •   Technological infrastructure
  •    People specialized in advanced analytics
  •    Artificial Intelligence

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