Best practices in project planning, management,and monitoring for effective collaboration

our methodology


At Dataknow we use Agile Analytics to find value in a data set more quickly and adapt better and more effectively to the needs of our customers.

Agile Analoytics
our methodology

Why use Agile Analytics?

Increase in Value

Get more value from your project, faster


Optimize work time to the maximum, generating greater productivity.


Maintain balance and flexibility between scope, cost and time.

our methodology

How it works?

Agile Analytics methodology

We seek to automate any redundant or repetitive process. The more you can automate, the more you can focus on providing value for the client.


We are team workers, we share knowledge and the same goals.


We are not addicted to meetings

We prioritize communication, but we minimize the amount of ceremonies and protocols required to allow the development of activities.

Self-organized and self-managed team

The ideal people, with the right tools and the support they need, we give them their space and allow them to succeed.

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Who trust us?

Take your business to another level!

Let’s discover together the power of data.


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