Analytical outsourcing

Analytical outsourcing

We offer highly qualified analytical consultants and on-demand access to experienced and efficient analytical teams:

  • Data architect
  • Data analyst (s)
  • Data engineer
  • Optimization expert
  • Data scientist

We provide a global in / off-house workforce model that saves time and money thanks to our combination of collaborative work and cloud software solutions that enable companies to improve their operational efficiency while focusing on their core business functions.

Our work methodology “Agile Analytics” guarantees a quick adaptation to our clients’ needs and environments to always ensure the appropriate Cost-Benefit and Quality ratio, covering projects from end-to-end and contributing to their analytical and digital processes maturity.

By leveraging Dataknow resources, our clients accelerate the speed at which they can tackle projects, optimize approaches taken on current projects, undertake new projects, and through collaborative work, leverage skill transfer to augment and enrich their staff capabilities and knowledge.

our services

Analytical Consulting

Regardless of the application area or industry, at Dataknow we can iteratively identify, create and refine the best analytical solutions for our clients’ businesses.

We offer support, training and comprehensive advice for solid analytical projects achievement.

Our service cycle:

  • Understand
  • Propose
  • Resolve
  • Add value

Ensures that we provide our clients with the most personalized, efficient, and effective service according to their business needs.

We have wide experience supporting data implementation, migration processes and analytical strategies for companies in the banking and industrial sector.