Sales Forecast

The capacity to foresee the future and make informed decisions from it.

Do you ever wonder?

How much will my market grow and where is it going?

What competition forces affect my market share?

Are your prices competitive?

How much will you earn/bill?

What value-added services/product combinations generate sales or customer retention?

How many customers does my business gains or loses each year? Why?

Are there certain periods of greater sales fluctuation?

How much should I produce to meet my demand?

How to apply dynamic price changes to improve profitability?

Do I have full visibility of historical sales, inventory, marketing efforts, cost centers behaviors?


Benefits all over!

Increase your sales

Get predictions on the purchase probability and real and actionable information on who is likely to buy your products/services.

Strategic planning

Implement strategic planning for your business and incentivize the alignment between production and sales areas.

Optimize pricing

Discover what pricing are most likely to result in sales, apply dynamic changes, make your pricing competitive.

Inventory turnover

By optimizing your product rotation, you will be able to improve and capitalize on sales strategies, combining business and customer realities.

Apply Specific discounts

See which discounts have the highest conversion rates, which value-added services or product combinations are likely to lead to sales, upsells and customer retention.

Plan for cash expenditures

Discover the periods when you need to produce less or more, that is, when you need to better provision yourself by reducing the impact on cash flow.

Plan for ordering or manufacturing

Improve and optimize your supply chain, purchasing systems, distribution channels and supplier management decisions.

Determine your high seasons

Get an accurate idea of where your peaks or valleys are, and analyze their behavior in relation to your offers or campaigns.

Know your sales behaviour

See where revenue is generated from, make projections for new sales and have an idea where they will come from.

You won’t have to worry about technological infrastructure!

We provide a cloud platform that grants you access to a robust set of analytical tools designed to potentialize your organization’s data:

  • Data Analysis techniques
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
The models and processes are customized according to the client’s specific needs.
  • Inventory optimization
  • Availability of products and services by categories and locations
  • Sales patterns
  • Market niches understanding

Our forecast solution
offers you


We use State of the art Machine learning, AI analysis methods for forecasting.

End-to-end management

Forecasting process governance and centralization.

Usability Projections

Consumption model oriented to the end user’s industry and context.

Scalability and modularity

Cloud based Solution based in microservices


Models precision permanent support.


It allows you to continously monitor the real performance of your sales vs the projections.

Specialized forecasting

Support with business knowledge personalized to your industry.

“The difference between the best and the rest is forecasting as the first step in planning”


"Business Knowledge, you can easily see that they know the peculiarities of the industry "
"They are always accompanying you and not only deliver a result but also suggest action plans"
"They provide a very nice business overview of both historical behavior and projections."
"In projections or forecasts they generate quantifiable, practical a transformative impacts "
"As human beings they are incredible, they connect with you and translate your needs in a very clear way"
"They have demonstrated expertise in their area of knowledge that is reflected in the results "
"They have a very fair business model that balances price with results "

Who trust us