DataKnow starts operations in Ecuador

As part of its expansion plan, DataKnow has managed to start its operation in Ecuador in 2023, with which it aspires to contribute significantly to the digital transformation of the country.

The Ecuadorian data analytics market is in a phase of accelerated growth, driven by the increasing adoption of analytics solutions in various industries, such as banking, financial services, telecommunications, healthcare and government. This opens the door to greater investment from companies specializing in data analysis and solutions.

“With Ecuador we hope to strengthen the entire ecosystem and the data industry in the country. It is a strategy that we are implementing at the regional level, in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. As foreign investors, we see Ecuador as a country of opportunities. It has a considerable number of commercial agreements, we are part of the Pacific Alliance, the Andean Community of Nations, and likewise, double taxation agreements (with Colombia) that facilitate commercial work between countries. This has favored us to reach the country and be able to contribute to its growth, from the data industry”, says Carlos Murillo, CEO of DataKnow.

According to DataKnow figures, the data industry has projections for growth and job creation that are very significant not only for Ecuador but also for the Andean region.

DataKnow already has its headquarters in Mexico since 2022, and its expansion plan, in addition to Ecuador, also includes Peru, with the market objective of reaching the entire South Andean region.