About us

We are a specialized team in the use of analytical tools and data management, perfect ingredients to find the best solutions based on data.

In Dataknow we use Analytics and Agile methodologies to create solutions that add value and improve business processes, offering alternatives to our clients’ needs, striving to leverage data and increase profitability.

With our services portfolio we help companies to understand and take advantage of their data.

Our purpose

Create agile processes that generate value and make the data of our clients profitable. We find the potential of the data.


We speak clear and easy.
We focus on people and understand their needs.
We help our clients to generate value with their data.
We believe in agilism as a transformation tool.

Our main values


Our Essence

At DataKnow we value transparency, happiness and authenticity. We believe in organic and sustainable growth, we are a fresh company that seeks to become a strategic partner of your organization to advance together to the next level, by empowering and profiting from data, leveraged in the use of agile methodologies.

Our Methodology

As with the Agile methodology, Agile Analytics includes best practices in project planning, management, and monitoring for effective collaboration and technical excellence. At Dataknow we use Agile Analytics to find value in a dataset faster and to become more adaptable to a rapidly changing business landscape.

Agile Analytics is:

Our work style: The main objective is high quality and high value.

Iterative, incremental, evolutionary: We work in small increments of user-valued functionality system, so you’ll be getting value from week to week.

Efficient. We are not addicted to meetings: We prioritize communication, but we minimize the amount of ceremonies and protocols required to allow the development of activities.

Automation: We seek to automate any process that redundant or repetitive in nature. The more you can automate, the more you can focus on providing value for the client.

Collaboration: We all work for everyone; we share knowledge and we share the same goals.

Self-organized and self-managed team: The ideal people, with the right tools and support they need, we give them their space and allow them to succeed.


Work with us

We are looking for the best data scientists to join our team, they must have at least one year of experience in the role and mastery of R or Python, Data analysis technologies or similar. Statistical knowledge, mathematical modeling, knowledge in descriptive analysis and prescriptive analysis, desirable knowledge in machine learning ML in the cloud AWS, Azure, or Hadoop. Requirements: Bachelor’s degree. Preferable with conversational English level.

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Data scientist
We want to integrate into our team the best data engineers, Systems Engineers, computer science or related careers professionals. With two years of experience as a data engineer, with knowledge and proven experience in information management, SQL and Non SQL database management, ETL processes, data modeling, BigData, Hadoop Ecosystems, programming languages, R, spark, datalake architecture and AWS cloud computing. Requirements: Bachelor’s degree. Preferable with conversational English level.

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Data engineer
We are looking for the best data analysts to be part of our Dataknow team. Professional with intermediate / advanced English with knowledge and experience in programming with SQL, R or Python, strong statiscal and mathematical foundations and database recovery and management. Requirements: Bachelor’s degree. Preferable with conversational English level.

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Data analyst